The cycle of organic matter

Workshop aimed at school students to learn about the treatment of organic waste through the composting system

Feeling nature

An itinerary through the different ecosystems of the Mediterranean Forest with a school look: we get to know nature using taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight, making it our own and improving our sense of belonging.

Organic school garden and composting

Training of trainers in organic school gardens and composting as a tool for environmental education.

Community composting

Methodology to train people interested in the design and management of a community composting center.

Agro-environmental education

Environmental and regenerative services

The DCALT pillars

Environmental, social and economic values

Del Camp a la Taula is a non-profit association that seeks to generate economic activity around an essential aspect for today’s society: agro-environmental education.

In a context of climate emergency, uniting social, environmental and economic values is not only possible, but necessary: we can even slow down and mitigate climate change.

Get to know one of our regenerative projects: Albal Circular

Participants and/or donors

Kg of composted organic waste

Training and transformation

The axes of Del Camp a la Taula, with regenerative projects as the central column.


We are a non-profit association and, beyond public or support, we understand that independence is needed to be transformative.


We seek the transformation towards a model that equates social, environmental and economic values with equity. It is essential to take care of all three to work for the common good.

regenerative projects

Our method of action are regenerative projects related to soil regeneration, ‘greening’ our cities and agro-environmental training.

open source

Our activities are open; if they are functional, replicating elsewhere is another positive aspect. And if we can contribute with our experience, we will be delighted.

The Del Camp a la Taula association, after accumulating time and experience, offers environmental and regenerative services with agro-environmental education always present. Through the ‘Environmental and regenerative services’ you can consult our already formalized proposals. You can also see the variety of projects we have already done in ‘Regenerative Projects’.

You can always ask us to visit us and see what we do, and if you are interested in applying our experience or advice, just ask. We’ll be waiting for you!

From l’Horta (historical agricultural region of Valencia), the garden, the flower pots on the balcony… Even from your kitchen

The disconnect between the economic model and the interests of society, even the planet, is obvius. A model that also delves deeper into a problem with global scale: climate change.

But what if we find alternatives that are economically viable and, at the same time, address social and environmental values? What if even these projects can slow down climate change?

This is the main challenge of Del Camp a la Taula. A platform or ‘hub’ that is the starting point for regenerative projects, with soil and nature as a start. From green roofs that save heating and trap CO₂, to managing our own waste to regenerate a village’s green spaces.

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The keys of Del Camp a la Taula projects

Ecology and synergy

Projects and activities with a ‘permacultural’ point of view, with respect for the environment and adaptable to urban and rural environments.

Environmental benefits

All projects have a direct positive impact on the climate emergency, especially in CO₂ uptake.


Encourage the diversity of flora to support the diversity of fauna, especially insects, which help the good health of plants and pest control.


Working the soil, the land, in contact with nature, help to improve the connection and respect with it, as well as the sense of belonging and social cohesion.


Protection of the Valencian Horta (garden), as well as promoting sustainable practices, to take care of a system recognized by the UN for its great historical, environmental and social value.

Learning from nature is teaching for life

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