Local regenerative projects with a view to change everything

Mission and values

The confluence of intentions is an essential part of the processes of change, of transformation that our society needs. A society, the 21st century one, which for the most part maintains a look to the future built on fear and uncertainty.

If we review what we have built together, and the consequences that this has had, we see that we live in a scenario where a triple disconnection comes together:

  • The disconnection of human beings with nature, with life. We only have to look at the past, not far away, and see the large number of natural phenomena, mostly produced by the impact of human activity on the environment, which are occurring with increasing frequency and greatly affecting life. To generate everything we consume globally as a society would require 1,5 planets like Earth, but we only have one.
  • Social disconnection between people. Protests, wars, riots, bigotry… These are symptoms of an extremely polarized society in which the interests of the ego prevail over those of the collective, the “we against you” is observed with full normalcy, thus stimulating confrontation and violence.
  • The personal disconnect, of us with ourselves. The disease of the 21st century is none other than depression, the anguish caused by the dissatisfaction we experience with our lives, with everything we do. In 2010, the number of deaths by suicide was higher than the number of deaths in wars, terrorist acts and natural disasters grouped together.

Why do these disconnections occur? What is it based on? How is it possible that among all people we have built a system that as a result gives us back something we don’t want? Why do we keep doing the same thing?

From and by the Society

From Del Camp a la Taula we understand that to address this issue we need an approach from society itself, with projects designed, implemented, executed and governed directly by it. Finding a common point of interest that allows us to reconnect, coexist, share; ‘co-creating’ is a key element in triggering these transformation dynamics.

With this view as vertebral, we also want to tackle smaller projects, which allow for small-scale but also important changes: to create points of reconnection with nature and, at the same time, new spaces that fight against the climate emergency.

The main goal? The self-construction of a network of relationships that shapes a living, creative community that improves the quality of life in our environment.

‘Projected’ mission and values

These lines give, at the same time, other lines or values that mark our activity in order to implement them. It is, for example, independencefrom public authorities in decision-making, without limiting possible, and often necessary, collaboration.

From this independence and the activity of the participants and societies come the regenerative projects, our main method of action. These, which seek to transformthe current economic and social model into one that also takes into account social and environmental values, not just economic ones, are closely related to permaculture and ‘greening’ our urban environments.

Projects or methods that, on the other hand, are ‘open source‘; those successes that can be replicated in other places or populations, or on a different scale, and aid transformation, will be one more positive aspect.

If you are interested in all this and want to participate, be it actively, financially or intellectually, do not hesitate to contact us.

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