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Proposals, solutions or services that bring citizens closer to nature, with healthy social dynamics and, of course, with agro-environmental education as a pillar. All the proposals detailed here are ready to be applied where necessary, but if you are thinking of another non-detailed activity, but which may be related to the activity of the association, do not hesitate to ask us.

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Organic school garden and composting

Training of trainers in organic school gardens and composting as a tool for environmental education.

Training for community composting

Methodology to train people interested in the design and management of a community composting center.

Workshop ‘The cycle of organic matter’

Workshop aimed at students to learn about the treatment of organic waste through the composting system.

‘Feeling nature’ itinerary

An itinerary through the different ecosystems of the Mediterranean Forest with a school look: we get to know nature using taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight, making it our own and improving our sense of belonging.

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